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I Never Paint My Dreams or Nightmares, I Paint My Own Reality:

Frida Kahlo.

Acrylic Painting:

Welcome to my sketch book this page is to give you an insight into how I work, my methodology and inspiration. Here you will find images and ideas illustrated in sketches, photographs, and film of works in progress, scribbles of concepts on paper in sketchbook and on canvas. Some will show the evolution of paintings and collages documented from beginning to  end, finished pieces of Art.

This first piece entitled, ‘No No No’, Is an acrylic painting on canvas from my ‘Taste of WINEhouse’ exhibition(feb 2013), as you can see (behind this text) I roughed out the dimensions and then did a quick sketch with black paint on the canvas to create the composition, before working into the painting, which was layering the paint over and over until I was happy with the skin shades etc. I kept a simple palette of retro- orangey brown earthy colours to create a golden hue.


This is a collage for the Amy WINEhouse body of work. Responses to this piece were mixed; some people loved it and thought it my best piece in the series, others hated it. It has a particularly dark quality, but I feel it is very valid; I believe there were aspects of Winehouse’s life that were very, lonely, sad and dark. No matter how much she was adored, inside she still felt something was missing. Not a judgment just an observation, are any  of us  that far from feelings of inadequacy, loneliness or abandonment, at some time during our lives?

This was one of the pieces that flowed; I worked extremely fast and constant for hours without a break, quite usual for me when on a roll. My mum often will hand me drinks and snacks otherwise I forget to eat drink etc. I will work around the clock becoming completely immersed until the piece is complete; the following few days I can feel quite exhausted and ache. It can be quite a physical act sticking, glueing, painting on large canvases or boards.

Life Drawing is a real fundamental for an artist; some may not feel the need and think it very traditional and therefore old fashioned, but for me, although I may not partake in sessions as often as I feel I should, I believe it teaches many  skills such as, hand eye co-ordination, observational skills, practicing techniques, short exercises, long sittings. Plus experimenting with different materials, paints, pastels, charcoals, collages etc.......

Photo Shoot:

I made a specific brief for the photo shoot for this website, even though I had ideas there was still an element of experimentation making it an excercize in itself. I wanted to create images that reflected my work . the concept was to involve me as part of the art. Because my art can be varied I have a website dedicated to each collection such as:

I felt I needed to bring all my other work and creativity to one place. From when I was at school,  workshops, to where I have days out, where I gain inspiration, past exhibitions and other works that I have not included in my other websites.

This image has an echo of a religious experience, I suppose thinking about it; creativity for me is almost a religious experience. dedication, contemplation, commitment.....

As you can see we became extremely messy making these images, It was exhausting. Winnie loved the process and took to it easily; for myself I prefer to be behind the camera or canvas not in front, I feel too exposed.

The careful planning and clear descriptions I gave the photographer together with the images evoking the feelings and imagery I required, were (in my opinion) key to the overall success of the project. I See my blog on the process to help others in having a successful photo shoot.


These were a couple of images from an exhibition I had a few years ago. I love the fact that people from all backgrounds could appreciate my art. I have always enjoyed and feel it is important to include elements of interaction within an exhibition. These men were obviously enjoying having a feel in the ‘Feely Boxes’ Their faces say it all!

The ‘Feely Boxes’ made from an assortment of Ready Made artefacts and materials, I used hard metal exteriors, (I love the way the metals tarnish and rust), together with furry tactile materials, to lower the viewer to investigate the object further. These boxes  each had a hole to put your hand into; a very strange sensation! The ‘not knowing’ when putting your hand inside, into something that is unknown and unexpected. Textures and shapes feel so odd. Some interiors of the boxes had fur others rubber some felt wet others warm. Each giving interesting reactions! :)           Great Fun!

Life Drawing

Exhibition. Woman’s Prerogative :

Life Drawing. Different Techniques:

Charcoal, Conte Crayon Painting with cardboard rectangles.

Life Drawing:

Life Painting:

Conte Crayon Charcoal.

This is one of my favourite techniques and mediums,  so loose as you scribble and draw into the paper with the charcoal the image seems to eventually emerge. Simple charcoal and smudging with fingers you can’t make a mistake

Life Drawing:

Short length poses-really train the eye to capture shape and movement quickly. Here are a series of poses from crouching to standing and turning.

Life Drawing:


This Collage I made as a collagraph in order to make prints from. I was really pleased with the Collagraph itself as a piece of art.

Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, string, hessian, wood, paper, gold ink.


Over the years I have made numerous life studies, both clothed and nude.

I also love drawing and painting dancers. this is Dancer on a flattened cardboard box. I find movement so exciting!

Still Life & Life Drawing:

Pen and Ink!

Pencil & Watercolour!

This page is all about my sketches, work in progress, experiments, many things that I may never sell, but are part of my Art Practice;

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