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Art is life, Life is art, Love is life, Life is love!:

Katrina Atkinson.

I Believe.

I want to tell you about what I believe in?
I believe in my art; 
What I do to create my art?
How I feel when I create my art and
Why I create my art.?

You see I believe in my art………My Art is My Belief…….
I fervently work the brushstrokes; I know I have control!
My heart pounds when I lose that control;

I love colour; vibrancy of colour,
I become very excited when I think of what I am about to produce; 
the processes I am about to undertake,
the joy of expressing myself, whether it be on canvas or any other media.

The accident occurs; the happy accident arrives. 
Is this where I was heading? Yes! This IS where I was heading!
I am always learning; always facing the challenge;
Regardless of how accomplished I feel I have become.
There are times when it all seems too easy; 
then others, when obstacles rear their ugly heads
however, I find, I must work my way through it.

My style is bold, bright, vibrant, yet, even so I believe there are dark undertones in all of us;
I search inside the personalities; inside their life; 
For many women of today the masculinity of life becomes overwhelming; 
I reach deep and source and expose their femininity.

Intuitively My Art is therapy for My Soul…….
Absorbed in the moment; Art becomes compulsory…..I must create!
I can't rest until the challenge is overcome;
I become anxious until I declare; 
The End!

I constantly have streams of ideas pushing and pulling me onwards, 
I must follow - continually stimulated.
My need is to get as much done as possible, in the time I have……There IS a race against time!

Painting has become my meditation, calm, gentle concentration,
yet, there are times when I become very physical, very interactive with the work;
Whether the media be canvas, clay, collage or textiles, depending on my moods,
Arriving at completely different results.

Not the most verbal of people, my Art is My Release;  discussions I find difficult;
So, any strong rooted, deep meaning problems or feelings that I would probably never talk over,
I bring forward in my work; my worries are processed subconsciously.
Verbal, self expressions convert into my work.

Unable to observe myself; it all comes from within…….
not from just inside my head; but from inside my whole body; 
my expressive self is my subconscious; its all intuitive……..
I believe in the PROCESS
The only way I can express myself is by reliving the process.

I want to share this excitement, this zing,
with everyone who comes into contact with me and my work;
I put my heart and soul into each piece; 
I feel new emotions excite and empower me to create this next task;
and so! 
just as instantly
I can suddenly realise that for me, the piece  is finished.WELCOME_files/A5%20Mural%20leaflet.pages

Welcome to my brand new exciting website that I have created especially for you!

This website is for me to share with you, my inspirations, my reasons of how my ideas evolve and develop, that eventually become my art works. Being an Artist is a lifestyle; I want to give you a little bit of an idea about the diversity of my creative life.

I have several websites dedicated to my different Art collections, this one is devoted to the other aspects of my creative life. To give you a taster of what is in each page:

Gallery: has a taste of different aspects of my artwork some of which are never usually seen by the public. I have links to my other specialist websites and films from some of my past exhibitions.

Sketch book: Here playing with some of my ideas entered in my sketchbook, or works in progress, later I will add some experimental film and other concepts.

Creative Family Life: is all about the daily creativity of my family, from making, eating, gardening, going out on trips, visiting places etc.

Winnie’s Page: is all about my little girl’s art, who is always creating and making wonderful things, she has so many inspired thoughts, she makes up poems, sings and dances; so much is never captured so this is an attempt to document a little. In a way it is a ‘show and tell’ I hope seeing what Winnie does may inspire others, whether children or adults, do have a go!

Hire me: find out what I am able to do for you?

Giving Back: is about my working with the community and groups.

Shop: Stuff for sale.

Creative Futures: This is about a charity I am working towards setting up; please contact me if you would like to get involved!

It is my intension for this website to develop and grow as a place for you to look at and refer to again and again, full of ideas and fun I do hope you enjoy!

Heart of The Home!

The kitchen table or dining table has always been heart of the home, with its many connotations, most artists use tables in their artwork; some referencing the meaning of the table. Doris Salcedo’s ‘Unland’ 1998, Sarah Lucas’ ‘Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab 1992, and ‘You Know What’ 1998. Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party’ 1975-1979, and Robert Therrien’s, ‘Table and Four Chairs’ 2003, to name just a few.

I believe a contributing factor to the deterioration of the family unit over and since the post war period, is that the table has been less central to the home, and as a consequence there is a break-down and fragmentation of the family, a disconnection of community.

Diversifying : Going further back in History to the dark ages King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table, discussed their business including a Peace Treaty at the table.

In my family we Never Eat Dinner on Our Laps in front of the television!

My upbringing was very different to that of most of my generation, we would never eat our meals on our laps in front of the television! Still today we sit at the table to eat, even if alone or just my daughter Winnie and myself, or my mother and I. We talk, chat about our day share ideas, occasionally we may have disagreements and often we decide to have a formal meeting to resolve conflict or decide to make an action plan, this will all be decided around our  kitchen table!

What better occasion can there be than to ask friends and family to gather, share food, stories, around an informal farmhouse table, or even formal dining table?

Kitchen Table Discussions.

My suggestion, ‘Kitchen Table Discussions’, is to create a type of club where we meet up on a say monthly basis, the core of which will be ‘artists’ each bringing an offering of food (American/shared supper) having a monthly theme. What better icebreaker? than to share food within a relaxed atmosphere. My hope is to bring back a little culture and interesting conversation on Art, Crafts, Current Art politics, Historic art, Exhibitions etc... Perhaps a couple of times a year we could have a speaker, (our monthly subscription would pay for this?) Within the group, on a rotation basis we will contribute in any way we feel fit, i.e, do a talk, show and tell, launch a discussion, bring a video for discussion etc etc.......


My above statement was written in response to the question Why do I paint? My mum captured my statement as I talked, as a visual artist I am not always the most articulate and therefore it seems I have to be in the moment for my words to flow;

”I sat Katrina down yesterday and asked her to talk (A difficult thing most of the time) It was after watching that inspirational video by Simon Sekert ( I think that’s his name) I asked her why she painted; the inference was to apply the thinking he'd used in his lecture. She rambled for a while then started to motor; it was all jumbled up yet I was able to keep up with her talking, as she concentrated on what she was saying she relived painting a piece and working through the process.

This is what I've produced from what she was saying I think it was quite amazing (I've rearranged what she said and tidied it up)”                



As a child I remember immersing myself with Degas’ ballerinas.

I loved dancing, just as many little girls do, I went to tap and ballet classes, later  Flamenco. To me Degas’ pictures became so real I felt I could step inside the canvas. I enjoyed copying his paintings with coloured pastels; practicing the leg shapes as accurately as possible.

I had a similar experience with Toulouse Lautrec, to the work of Degas.

Yet, was it the characters in their pictures which  lured me? Scary women, old smokers, smudgy make up, each speaking to me from behind their drink’s bar or from their brothel, Lautrec’s stylised posters I found so attractive; a darkness within his work!

At around eighteen years old I was introduced to Caravaggio (14th century artist). I was smitten, his Dark and light effect, oils jutted out at me like a 3D film, his subjects- beautiful boys and provocative fruits oozed from the canvas. His Art mirrored his life, colourful, vivacious and dark!  Still to this day his exotic works lure me in !

Frida Kahlo one of the world’s most influential 20th century female artists, is one of my icons. A strong, powerful, academic woman, yet gentle and emotional. Exposing herself within her work, brave, bright and colourful. The piece to the left, ‘What The Waters Gave Me’, referenced Virginia Wolf, (sister of Vanessa Bell and a member of The Bloomsbury Group), yet another influence in my life and work!! I recommend visiting Charleston and  Virginia’s house, the church in Sussex, decorated  by  the Bloomsbury folk.

The house is adorned with paintings floor to ceiling, walls, cupboards, everything painted there are also sculptures, ceramics. etc. etc. wonderful!

Contemporaries that I admire and love their work, include of course the great Tracey Emin. I feel she has many similarities to Kahlo. (For myself -I am not as confident as either of these women to expose oneself so transparently be so honest to the world).

Emin often misunderstood, but to me she expresses what so many women experience. As she matures so does her work.

We are all growing up with her! I am inspired by her craftsmanship, her needlework and her direct raw style of printing!

Mat Collishaw’s photography I have loved for several years now, I would so like to own this piece above Romulus and Remus.  Some find this piece emotive and controversial, as I see it, the wild dogs are protecting the little babies, I find it  a sensitive and magical composition; even a faery tale quality yet with a haunting realism, executed beautifully.

My very latest find is Polly Morgan. I love her work and I am her biggest fan!

Scraping pennies together as we speak in order to buy a piece of her work. Animals contrived into art pieces via taxidermy. Even though I am really squeamish, taxidermy has always fascinated me, another of those fascinating yet repulsive things for me. Morgan’s  partner  is Mat Collishaw and although their art is different from one another,  I find underlying qualities evident in both! (Is it that dark side I’m again attracted to?)

Many of my customers and viewers do say there is a Darkness within my work!



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