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Winnie’s life is one big musical.

My Daughter is a Singer and Dancer:

Winnie won’t consider herself an artist, because to her I am the artist of the family, she is the singer and dancer! In fact my whole family are artists and extremely creative people. I believe everyone has creative potential It’s tapping into that side of the brain and training the muscle.

On a weekly basis, as well as her schooling, clubs, activities, Winnie produces some wonderful works, arts and crafts. I feel most of it should be showcased and could well inspire others to participate in arts and craft projects.

My hopes and dreams for Winnie is that she chooses to do whatever she wants to do in her life and be happy in her choices. As an artist, life can be a struggle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And yes if Winnie wants to choose art I will be just as happy, because I know many other ways to earn a living, that could be a lot worse. Yet I have a feeling she is going to be a great Singer and Dancer!

Every CHILD is an ARTIST the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up:

Pablo Picasso.

Over the past several Christmases, Winnie has been into The Local Retirement home helping to entertain the ladies and gentlemen. Last Christmas as a Special treat I organised  ‘HighTea’ there, all the residents had dainty triangle sandwiches, tea and cake, all served with very pretty, china cups, saucers, cake stands, lace tablecloths and napkins. Winnie and her cousin collaborated and choreographed a little show, they sang songs and danced including ‘White Christmas’ getting all to join in. The girls specifically requested outfits similar to Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen, from the film of the same name; red velvet skirts and capes with white fir trims and muffs. They were a huge success and very professional.

Winnie’s Faery Garden:

Since Winnie was a tiny girl each year we have made a little faery garden. We find all sorts of things to put into her garden, pebbles, shells, sparkly stones, flowers and of course the faeries.

Photo Shoot:

Winnie is born to be in front of a camera, whereas I usually become really embarrassed Winnie prepares her pose. Here are some highlights of the shoot.

Felt Easter Basket:

Winnie saw some felt baskets in the florist’s shop next door; she decided she would like to make one herself. She took photos on my Iphone, bought some felt from the local craft shop and set about making this basket, she also made several smaller ones for her friends, filling them with mini eggs. The florist ladies thought Winnie’s baskets were better than the ones they had for sale! :)

Winnie’s Wheat Free Cake:

I love to - ‘home bake’.

Can’t beat home-made cake! Winnie decided one day she was going to have a go without telling anyone.

Yes amazing, it was delicious!

Homework project with her cousin. Giant Swing at Osmington Bay.

Cardboard Box Car!

Card Making!

Creativity on the beach!

White Rabbit Winnie dressed up for Red Nose Day! 2013

Hand Sewn Patchwork Cushion!

Making boats and sailing boats when being ‘Home -Schooled’

Winnie and Ruby making pots at Bickley and collecting wood for the kiln.

Winnies portrait of Jade from ‘Little Mix.’ 2013

Collage House. 2013.

June 22nd 2013: We rummaged through crafts/gifts that Winnie had been given on birthdays, Christmases, etc from friends. We decided to try to work through a couple of projects. Winnie made and completed this felt ladybug, hand stitched, Winnie added the lovely eye lashed googley eyes.  A flirty ladybird, ladybug.

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